Documenting a moment is record keeping, photography a moment while reflecting upon attitudes and values of a person or group is what we call lifestyle photography. Moreover, what is more important than a photographed moment is emotion. Capturing an image is simple, but capturing a heartfelt image that preserves emotion and reality is an art.

Avant Documentary Photography is a storyteller of the modern day. Our expertise lies in documenting and telling the story of your important day in a way that is candid and accurate; however like a skillful storyteller, we expertly present your important day with artistry, sensitivity and drama to make it a truly memorable and touching part of your life.


Our emphasis on a personalized approach to photography is an important one, in start contrast to a "scripted and mass production approach" which departs from tradition in our craft. Our focus includes the delicate things that only patience, planning, timing, and sensitivity can capture.

Our method is to unobtrusively capture and record the reality of the day in a candid, yet artistic style. Insisting on working unseen and low-key, in order to provide a dramatic and convincing perspective of your event.


Our work doesn't start when your event starts; we being to build a comprehensive plan for the day of your event the moment you confirm your event with us. We aim not to only work for you, but to work with you to ensure a seamless understanding of your event in advance.

With a keen eye on quality, authenticity and complete control over the results to meet our client's specification, virtually all of the work from photography to post-production is performed using our own private facilities. Your pictures are developed with an in-house system using strict quality control, and then hand printed and adjusted using a proprietary system designed for us resulting in superior and consistent results. In addition, by having full in-house production capability you can speak directory to us and be assured that your request will be answered and executed true to the concept.


Our main coverage area is in Toronto and satellite areas within 1 hour of downtown Toronto. Travel outside our regular areas or even to international destinations can be easily arranged.

Availability is limited as we only take on a handful of weddings each year in order for us to give dedicate our optimal attention to our couples.

Your wedding photography collection investment starts at $3000.
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