Q: What sets Avant Documentary Photography apart from other studios?

A: Personal service, a unique style and quality work are integral to our company, however what really sets us apart is how we achieve our quality and style. For great photography, proper planning and communication is essential, and as such we always provide our clients the opportunity to discuss their event with their photographer. We always provide you with a direct number where you can always contact your photographer should you have a concern at any time night or day. We not only aim to provide a personalized photography experience, but our internal operations are a unied one as well, as we perform virtually all post photographic work including design, processing, and editing inhouse. This way, should you need something specific, we have complete control over the creative process.

Q: How many people do you work with? Do you have an assistant?

A: Depending on the size of your wedding, one photographer is usually preferred. We prefer to work unobtrusively, and unnoticed in order to capture those genuine moments. For extremely large events or venues, a secondary photographer may be employed. For contingencies or where additional coverage is required, we have a backup photographer and assistant available. We also carry at all times multiple backups of virtually all our photographic equipment. Yes we do have an assistant. The primary photographer’s assistant is employed at the primary photographer’s discretion; there is no additional charge for an assistant.

Q: Is there extra charges for attending multiple locations at my wedding?

A: There are no extra charges for travel within the GTA and surrounding areas within 45mins of the downtown core on your wedding day.

Q: Are you willing to travel for destination weddings?

A: Yes, we will travel to most destinations. Please contact us for a quotation of our alternative destination services.

Q: What is your payment schedule?

A: We have two payment schedules for you to choose from. You may either pay a retainer of 50% of the total amount, with the balance due 1 week before your wedding day; or you may elect to pay a retainer of 33% at signing, second 33% 6 months prior (or at engagement session) with remaining balance due 1 week before your wedding date.

Q: Do I have to decide on what type of album of canvas when I book my event?

A: A basic 10x4 horizontal album always come with one of our collections. Some collections include a 16x24 canvas. Upgrades in pages, sizes are available.

Q: How many photographs do you normally take?

A: Our main objective is to take photographs of a high aesthetic and sentimental value, and as such we take as many photographs as necessary to achieve our objective, regardless of media. The number of prime quality pictures qualifying in our ‘Artist Selected Proofs’ is guaranteed; and is our statement of assured quality out of all the photographs we produce. As a raw gure, we will typically take 50-150 photographs per hour depending on conditions. A selection of approximately 300 quality photographs is typical for a full day event (this includes the number of Artist Selected Proofs).

Q: Do I get original photographs? How are they presented?

A: We provide high resolution 300dpi JPEG archived with settings to High Quality mode. The images may be used to produce museum class 4x6 prints or quality 8x10 prints. The processed JPEGs are presented to you on a USB Stick

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: We use a wide variety of equipment depending on the situation at hand. Our list of equipment continually changes as new or improved tools become available. Our substantial investment into equipment also includes our very own private automatic photo processing lab and complete colour managed environment. We currently use Canon equipment.

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