Toronto Weddings | Jan 28, 2010 | 2010 in review

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2010 is the past, but looking back, I ask myself, What did 2010 had to offer?

– An amazing chance to share the happiness of all the weddings I’ve been involved in.
– Meeting new couples and all the friends I’ve made
– Learning about different cultures
– Learning more and more what I like and love – photography.
– The chance to trying various new things such as food photography and more experimental photography.

First half, Winter Months – The offseason

I continued with photographing family and child photos for different families and new borns (Tyson, Abby’s first Birthday).  I was also asked to photograph a catalogue for a local up and coming jewelry store (They still haven’t opened yet, very much looking forward to it.). This led to me playing around with my Chrome Hearts collection. On top of these, I had the privilege to shoot the menu and web promotions for a Markham Japanese Restaurant – Ippai.

Second half, Spring to fall Months – The really busy season

I think it is pretty obvious the majority of the summer was really focused on photographing for my couples’ engagement and weddings. Yet, aside from my normal weddings and romantic sessions, I did squeeze in some time for my music photography work as well as an war game/airsoft portrait session. In July, I was also asked to shoot some portraits for a local chiropractor. This led to a few opportunities to filming a web commercial video (to be released.) and another product video for Sole n Spine Haven which was displayed during one of their trade shows.

Some of the most exciting portrait sessions happened in September when some of my really good friends had their maternity lifestyle session before they gave life to a baby boy. Also in september, I was also involved in photographing an anniversary lifestyle session for one of my couples from 2009.

Here are some of my favourite wedding photos from the past year.

Oshawa Wedding

Groom getting ready

Father walking bride down the aisle at West River

Wedding portrait

Bridal group shot at Hilton

Bride's solo portrait at Casa Victoria

Wedding ceremony at Old Mills Inn

Bestman having fun at the reception

Bride awaits

Bridal party group photo at Richmond Green

Bride and Groom portrait at Richmond Green

Groom speech at Hai Shanghai

All in all, I think 2010 was a year that I am really thankful for. I am really excited what this year has to offer and the journey that it will bring me

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