Toronto Wedding Photos | August 21, 2010 | Gigi + Mike

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Gigi and Mike during their wedding portrait session

On a cloudy saturday morning, as I was driving to Gigi’s house, I was thinking I’ve known Gigi and Mike for over a year. As a matter of fact, she was the one who caught the bouquet from Betty and Patrick‘s wedding whom I had the privilege to document. Fast forward a few months from that wedding, Gigi called me while I was in Hawaii for a buddy’s wedding. I’m pretty sure she thought I was a lazy bum when she called me at 3ish pm on a wednesday afternoon EST while I sounded like I was still drooling in bed when I picked up the phone (9ish am in Honolulu). Ever since our first meet, I knew I had a really good connection with Gigi and Mike. It was a meeting but full with laughters. After months of exchanging emails, we did our engagement session back in June and just like the previous encounter, it was just filled with fun and joy.

Bridal dress and shoes
The wedding dress and shoes

Bride getting ready

Bride putting on her earrings
Gigi getting ready

Groom getting ready
Mike getting ready

Chinese tradition before picking up the bride, door games
Chinese tradition before picking up the bride, the door games!

Chinese traditional tea ceremony
Chinese traditional tea ceremony

Hakka traditional tea ceremony
Hakka traditional tea ceremony

Bride getting ready, slipping into bridal dress
Gigi getting ready before the ceremony

Bride walking down the aisle with father
The ceremony, with Gigi’s father walking her down the aisle

Wedding ceremony at West River Event Centre
An overview of the wedding at West River Event Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario

Wedding ceremony at West River Event Centre
Gigi and Mike during the ceremony

I’ve been checking forecast everyday for the entire week and hoping it wouldn’t rain. Surely enough, we made it through and rain literally started dripping as Gigi and Mike walked out of the ceremony. Mike even turned around and said “is it rain I feel?” The weather was definitely on our side and we had the best of both worlds, as the Chinese say, rain on the wedding day is good luck. After the ceremony, rain started to drop, then started to pour. We couldn’t take any photos outside. Luckily their hotel was nearby and we went there for a quick portrait session.

Bride and Groom portrait session after wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom portrait session after wedding ceremony

The wedding party

We went back to West River shortly after the photo session for the banquet and the rest of the night went by really smoothly.

Wedding banquet guest table and center piece
Guest table and centre piece

Wedding cake and decoration
Wedding cake

Wedding banquet head table decoration
Head table decoration

Bride and Groom making their fun grand entrance
Gigi and Mike’s grand entrance

Bride and groom cake cutting
Cake cutting

Wedding first dance

Wedding first dance
First dance

Chinese traditional table to table toasting
Chinese traditional table to table toasting.

A very different bouquet toss
A very unique bouquet toss in where all the single ladies each grab a ribbon. The ribbon that actually doesn’t fall off and is attached to the bouquet would be the possessor

Groom getting garter
Mike getting the garter. Instead of a toss, each single guy has a balloon tied to their feet and has to destroy others’ balloons. Likewise, the last person standing with an undamaged balloon is the possessor of the garter. The dance floor instantly turns into a gladiator ring.

Dancing instructor having some fun on the dance floor
Gigi and Mike’s dancing instructor having some fun.

End of night, full of joy and love.

Gigi was a beautiful bride and Mike was a handsome groom, and what I saw throughout the day was just like every time I met them, full of love and laughter. I think this formula means they’re perfect for each other. Gigi and Mike, I can’t thank you enough for trusting me be a part of the day! I wish you all the best!

More photos will be posted in my facebook page in soon time!

Cinematographers: Konrad Czystowski and Mark Klassen
Decorations: Sonny Productions/RL Wedding Agenda
Event coordinator/MC/DJ: Grace Lau of Aqua Event Management
Makeup Artist: Pauline Lai of Perfect you
Venue: Hilton Suite Inn
Venue: West River Event Centre

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