Toronto Portrait Photos | June 19, 2010 | Hiu

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Interestingly, last month when I had a day off, my good friend, Hiu from Maybe Refuge/Violet and Viruses and I drove all the way up on Kennedy Rd to its very northern end and decided to do a shoot there. Originally we were going to scout for places for our upcoming band promo shoot for one of his bands, Maybe Refuge but we decided that day is good for testing some shots out. Instead of doing having a mind set of “this is a test for a band shoot”, I decided to make it a little fun and try different things. Here we were, at the end of Kennedy, walking through trails and woods and decided it was not worth it to bring all the equipment in and get our fleshes bitten all over by mosquitoes, so we decided our shoot right on Kennedy Rd!

Here’s a few photos from out shoot.

Timelapse video of our shoot will be posted soon!

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