Toronto Downtown Sceneries | Jan 22, 2010

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Starting off with an announcement, I have merged my blogs. As of today, I will continue using this blog only.

Last friday, my friend Jacky and I went downtown Toronto to take some photos. It’s really deja vu all over again because this is the first time we have went out and shot photos since we had to do so during our photography class in our university days. The biggest difference are:
1. We were shooting Kodak Ektachrome slides back then
2. I was using my Nikon FE 35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4 and 105mm f/2.0 back then and now I’m on my Canon gear
3. This is for fun, not for assignments assigned by our professors

It’s almost funny to think that we’ve been living in this city for such a long time, but never realize the beautiful surroundings around us. I think it’s time all of us should take the time and walk around and explore the city more, and from another perspective.

Here are two photos from the night.

A view of Toronto downtown at night

A view of Toronto downtown at night, including CN Tower, Rogers Center, Financial District

Another view of Toronto downtown at night

Another view of Toronto downtown at night

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