Maybe Refuge Behind the Scene | July 24, 2011 | Toronto Indies band

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Maybe Refuge

A while ago, my buds Maybe Refuge were working very hard on their up coming EP. As a matter of fact, they just received shipment of the whole batch of printed/packaged EPs. In the near future, they will be hosting a EP release party in the GTA and I hope to see everyone of you there.

Last month, I had great fun along with Kevin Mok, and all guys from the band doing their promo photos. This particular shoot was not easy to tackle, although we had a concise plan of what we wanted, the toughest obstacle was mother nature. 6 guys lugging around tons of stuff in the humid weather didn’t help, the fierce sun didn’t help. However, we made it through, and after the shoot, we had a mini shoot just hanging out.

Enjoy the BTS, and the after shoot.

Hiu, Bassist of Maybe RefugeKevin Mok, The dudeHiu and John of  Maybe RefugeMaybe RefugeMaybe Refuge

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