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November 1 marks a special day in Susam and Sky’s heart. It was 111 that they started dating, engaged, and the day they joined lives together. 6 months of anticipation after our engagement session in May, the big day finally arrived. In the morning, Peggy arrived early to apply her masterful makeup on Susam while the guys get ready. Sky arrived in a sharp suit for the morning festivities, we then arrived at Humber Bay Park, a place where they shared a lot of memories when they first dated. At Liberty Grand, an intimate wedding was held followed by a reception that shared the atmosphere of a clubbing experience.

The below photos shows exactly of the pure joy and flashback of the day.

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What’s a perfect match? I think Janica and Daniel fits that description. Dan is more of a soft spoken person while Jan is highly energetic. Apparently, they were guests at Catherine and Martin‘s wedding and fast forward to 2013, I was photographing their very own wedding. The day was just full of fun from an energetic crow and that made the day especially smooth and fun. Jan even sang a song for Dan during the vows at Grand Baccus. At the banquet, DJ Kaii from Kaii Dreams set the tone with some of his really cool spins.

Below are a few of my favourite photos from the day.

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How many people in their 20s can actually say they’ve been together for 10+ years? After popping the question early in the year during a trip, their next journey began. I was lucky enough to have met Clare and Rem since last year and when I received the call, I was just thrilled to catch up. After our two engagement sessions (engagement 1, engagement 2) and a couple of bubble tea sessions, this brought us to the past saturday for their big day.

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Bride and Groom portrait at McMichael Art Gallery

Back in September, I spent some time with Tracy and James just strolling in the park, walking up and down checking out graffiti walls in downtown Toronto getting some engagement photos made. A year has passed by since she nodded in happiness and said yes in the monumental CN Tower. Just before we knew it, they were happily married in a Catholic ceremony at the Transfiguration Church with family, relatives and their closest friends. Right after the ceremony we were on our way to McMichael Art Gallery for a portrait session. Despite the rain drops and getting a little damp, the whole wedding party was in strong spirits and just keep cracking jokes along. After a few rounds of speeches full of laughter and tears and lot of dancing, the guys finished off the night at Chateau Le Jardin with some nice cigars.

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Bridal portrait at Markham Museum

This is a love story between a sonographer and a banker. For the longest time Grace and Ben have dated. When Ben finally proposed to Grace at Times Square in New York, everything was set in stone. I first met the love birds only a few months ago but during our engagement sessions (waterfall and golf course) and a few bubble tea meetings, I felt I’ve known the couple forever. Grace’s warm smile and Ben’s wit definitely stand out.
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