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Dora and Jacky's engagement at Centre Island

We received great compliments when Dora and Jacky’s love story was played during their wedding banquet. Back in May when we were spending time in the Centre Island, we also got to know them even better while filming their interview and just simply witnessing their intimiate interactions. Read more…

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One of our many highlights during Joanne and Eric‘s wedding was the first time¬†a love story video filmed by myself and Kevin was showcased in a big screen on a wedding day.¬†Looking back, it has been three months since we have shot this video. Each time Kevin and I reviewed this video, we learn so much more about them as individuals and as a couple.

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Originally back in January we wanted to do a more film like, story driven music video but because of time constraints, this project has been put on hold indefinitely. So back in March during their EP Release Party when Violets & Viruses made their first appearance in almost over of a year at the Hard Luck Bar, I was their official photographer. Little known I also handled the task to make a music video for the Toronto rock band from live footages.
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Now that Violets and Viruses has kicked off to a new start with a new EP, here’s are two BTS videos of what went on during the recording of Awakening and our video promo shoot. As usual, you can see us having a lot of fun.

During the recording session of Awakening

BTS (Behind the Scene) Timelapse of the production of the promo video.



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It has been quite a while since Violets and Viruses has been active to the public. In their defense, they have been working really hard behind the scenes with writing, and recording music. With the addition of a new lead vocalist (to be revealed), the band’s new look has been much more dynamic. 9 months since their last public appearance, they’re set to release a new EP titled “Resurgence”. This EP can be purchased at their coming up EP release party held at Hard Luck Bar on March 27th at 8pm. I will be there documenting their first show of 2011.

Back in late Jan, on a very snowy saturday night, we filmed a short video promo for the band, and here it is. A BTS video will be revealed in a couple of weeks.

Here’s a photo from behind the scene.

Violets and Viruses Resurgence Promo Shoot

And a few more photos from during the recording of Awakening. Can be purchased from iTunes

Violets and Viruses Recording Violets and Viruses Recording Violets and Viruses Recording