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Maybe Refuge

A while ago, my buds Maybe Refuge were working very hard on their up coming EP. As a matter of fact, they just received shipment of the whole batch of printed/packaged EPs. In the near future, they will be hosting a EP release party in the GTA and I hope to see everyone of you there.
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All I have to say is, time flies. It was like yesterday when I was running up and down jumping high and low to get some splendid photos of Alice and Johnny’s wedding. Exactly a year has past and I want to congratulate Alice and Johnny once again for being a really great couple. Alice and I have been chatting for months about a lifestyle portrait photo shoot for their anniversary. As we were chatting, we recalled the memories from their wedding day from chilly weather to pouring rain, from hiding and waiting for the rain to slow down so we can jump out and snap a few. Last week, we got our wishes for a bright beautiful day as Alice, Johnny and I walked around Main St, Unionville. We started off chatting in the parking lot and slowly walked around the serenity of TooGood Pond, making our way onto the vivid surroundings of Main St.

Alice + Johnny First Year Anniversary Shoot at Main St, Unionville
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For many years, I’ve stopped taking photos and was really hesitant getting onto the DSLR bandwagon. Joey and Harfrey was the reason why I picked up a DSLR and got back into the amazing world of photography. I still remember the first time trying to figure out how to use the Rebel XT during their “practice” engagement session over at Main St, Unionville (I was in love with Nikon film cameras). It was cold since we did the session in April when there were still snow on the ground. Their official engagement session and wedding was photographed by Jeff Wong who has become a very good friend and mentor over the past few years. This also marked the first time I shot a wedding fully in digital, and the first time I shot a wedding in 5 years. Ever since this wedding, I was back in the game. It was their wedding that made me want to get back into photography, especially wedding photography.

Time flies, 4 years later, they are expecting their first baby at the end of the month. I was so thrilled when Joey asked if I was interested taking on a lifestyle maternity session with them. After a few emails and phone conversations, we decided to head over to Mill Pond Park for a quick portrait session. It was pouring friday night and was partially raining during most of saturday. Thankfully, when we all arrived at the park, the wind was less fierce and the rain was barely noticeable, even had some sun peaking through at times. Here are a few photos from our hiking adventures.

Joey and Harfrey's lifestyle maternity photos
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It’s interesting, my good friend Joey, known as Ni to some started this band Maybe Refuge and two of my other good friends Hiu and John also joined the band. As the band progressed in this music world, I’ve taken the honour to be shooting their first band promo shoot. This was taken in around Newmarket, in the east end. One of the hardest challenges of performing an on location photo shoot is the unstable sunlight. With the sun soaring at us and at times it staying behind clouds to give us some gorgeous light, every moment was a waiting game and the shoot took a lot longer than we expected. In the end, we have pulled through and got some amazing photos for the shoot. The actual photos will not be posted in this entry just so it’ll remain mysterious, but I assure you these photos will surface all over their myspace, facebook pages really soon.

Even though, I’m not posting those images, but here’s a few behind the scene photos. As you can tell, we had tons of fun.

John the guitarist from Maybe Refuge, having his glamour moments with my umbrella.

John the guitarist from Maybe Refuge, having his glamour moments with my umbrella.

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Just for some fun, during Hiu’s photo shoot, I’ve set a camera on a tripod nearby and kept snapping away during the whole portrait session. Here’s the time lapse video for our entire shoot from setup to end.

20100619 Hiu’s Portrait Shoot in Time Lapse from Chris Pun on Vimeo.