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Lonely Trees

First long weekend of the year and I decided to drive around the northern part of the city and scout for places for a photo shoot that’s happening within the next few weeks. While I was driving around, I can’t help but notice the greyish weather, dirty snow everywhere and leafless trees that really emphasized a lonely and depressing mood up in the suburbs. Read more…

admin| 22 Dec 2010| 2 comments

It’s been two months since I’ve updated the blog, and 5 weeks since my last shoot. To my defence, I have been very busy, busy starting a new life with a lovely young lady. For quite a few years, I was heavily involved in documenting with my cameras for the start of numerous couples’ journey. Last month, it was my turn and I was finally a part of a fun filled wedding day that I have witnessed over the years. The wedding date was on Nov 26, 2010 and location was at Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas.

The wedding was small, with 29 guests in total. Friends and family flew in from all over the world including Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong. The wedding was exactly the way we envisioned, a very small intimate wedding and somehow we nailed it. Wedding days go by fast and and our very relaxing schedule really allowed us to just sit back and enjoyed the moment. Of course it was harder for me since it’s been years since I went to a wedding without working. Side note: Would love to thank all the friends and family who made it to our big day. You guys rock.
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Starting off with an announcement, I have merged my blogs. As of today, I will continue using this blog only.

Last friday, my friend Jacky and I went downtown Toronto to take some photos. It’s really deja vu all over again because this is the first time we have went out and shot photos since we had to do so during our photography class in our university days. The biggest difference are:
1. We were shooting Kodak Ektachrome slides back then
2. I was using my Nikon FE 35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4 and 105mm f/2.0 back then and now I’m on my Canon gear
3. This is for fun, not for assignments assigned by our professors
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Usually I want to stick with only work related photos on this blog, but I’ve recently visited Oahu, Hawaii to attend two very good friends’ wedding. Anyway, the island is just an awesome place and I would love to share some of my favourite images from this trip.

Sunrise in the Waikiki Beach

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