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It has been a while since the site has been updated. Over the course of the winter, I had the chance to shoot a few weddings that would be updated shortly, but before that I’d like to introduce my good friends Violets & Viruses.

Violets & Viruses @ Lula Lounge

Small World Music was very gracious to hold an event at the Lula Lounge featuring different local Asian artists. It’s been a while since Vioets & Viruses played their last band show and over the winter, Jun departed the band to focus on his career. New member Billy joined as the drummer and Mok (also my ever helpful assistant) went back to where he started off in his music career, as the guitarist.
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Maybe Refuge

A while ago, my buds Maybe Refuge were working very hard on their up coming EP. As a matter of fact, they just received shipment of the whole batch of printed/packaged EPs. In the near future, they will be hosting a EP release party in the GTA and I hope to see everyone of you there.
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Violets & Viruses at T&T Waterfront Night Market

Having missed Violets & Viruses‘s set from a week ago at Night It Up, I made sure I find time this time to attend their T&T Waterfront Night Market performance. ¬†Parking was not easy and it was a long walk to where the stage was. However, all the so called troubles were worth it when I saw my buds rock the stage. ¬†I couldn’t stay for the whole set but stayed long enough to see the growth of the band.
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Cherry BeachBefore the wedding season really kicks off, I just drove around this morning and visit new potential spots creating photographs for my up and coming brides and grooms. Each time I do that, I wound up discovering some really nice spots. It’s funny that I’ve lived in Toronto for most of my life but never really managed to get out and visit new places. It’s almost amazing to think whenever you get too comfortable with the places you go to on a daily basis, you never really go out and explore. Read more…

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Lonely Trees

First long weekend of the year and I decided to drive around the northern part of the city and scout for places for a photo shoot that’s happening within the next few weeks. While I was driving around, I can’t help but notice the greyish weather, dirty snow everywhere and leafless trees that really emphasized a lonely and depressing mood up in the suburbs. Read more…