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At the start of a year, I received a message from Carmen, the female lead vocalist of the band asking if I would help out by documenting the show. I quickly said yes just from the fact that most of the band are my personal friends. Knowing the fact that Derrick will move back to Hong Kong after the show, it made me even more enthusiastic to capture some of the best moments of his last show in Canada. Fast forward to tuesday night, with much anticipation, the concert happened and everyone enjoyed the whole music journey they were brought along by Parliament Music Group. I arrived at the venue just after 6pm as Joseph “Big Ham” Tsang was briefing everyone on the sequence of the show and to see the intense atmosphere in the change room.
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Originally back in January we wanted to do a more film like, story driven music video but because of time constraints, this project has been put on hold indefinitely. So back in March during their EP Release Party when Violets & Viruses made their first appearance in almost over of a year at the Hard Luck Bar, I was their official photographer. Little known I also handled the task to make a music video for the Toronto rock band from live footages.
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Violets & Viruses

It’s always fun whenever I am working on band photos. It’s a time where we can relax, try new things and just laugh about silly things. Last saturday I was at the band room of Violets and Viruses and we were doing some promotional photos for future marketing use. As usual, with these guys, we had a lot of fun and tons of goofing off. Here are some photos to show for it. The real photos will be released in soon time. Read more…

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Now that Violets and Viruses has kicked off to a new start with a new EP, here’s are two BTS videos of what went on during the recording of Awakening and our video promo shoot. As usual, you can see us having a lot of fun.

During the recording session of Awakening

BTS (Behind the Scene) Timelapse of the production of the promo video.



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Violets and Viruses

After almost a year of preparation, from finding a new lead vocalist, to recording, to prepare things for their new EP and band show. Violets and Viruses was reborn last night as a 5 person band. At Hard Luck bar last night, Violets and Viruses held their EP release party, their friends Cretem and Dice both opened for them. With the addition of Tina (Vocalist) and Harry (Guitarist), the band has taken a big step forward into their music journey. Read more…