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The little one's portrait

It’s always nice to see and witness the growth of the little ones. Today I was honoured to be part of the job and document the second birthday of little Abby. Unlike last year when it was raining, the weather was quite pleasant except it was on the cold side. Once we entered the door, we were greeted by this little princess dressed in a purple dress saying “Uncle Chris”. After lunch and cake cutting festivities, we had a mini portrait session. Read more…

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Baby Carsten on SofaBack in September of 2010, I was honoured to have shot long time friends Joey and Harfrey’s maternity session. Shortly after that session, Joey welcomed little Carsten to the world. Babies grow really fast! I mean, REALLY fast! It’s only been 3 months since I’ve last seen baby Carsten and he grew up quite a bit. I remember the first time I’ve met him, he slept through our first encounter. It was at my wedding banquet, and despite all the loud noise of celebration and people walking around, he slept silently and peacefully in his stroller. Since Baby Carsten’s grandmother and grandfather flew all the way from Hong Kong to visit their little grandson, we had a quick mini family photo session and here are some of my favourites from the night. Read more…

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For many years, I’ve stopped taking photos and was really hesitant getting onto the DSLR bandwagon. Joey and Harfrey was the reason why I picked up a DSLR and got back into the amazing world of photography. I still remember the first time trying to figure out how to use the Rebel XT during their “practice” engagement session over at Main St, Unionville (I was in love with Nikon film cameras). It was cold since we did the session in April when there were still snow on the ground. Their official engagement session and wedding was photographed by Jeff Wong who has become a very good friend and mentor over the past few years. This also marked the first time I shot a wedding fully in digital, and the first time I shot a wedding in 5 years. Ever since this wedding, I was back in the game. It was their wedding that made me want to get back into photography, especially wedding photography.

Time flies, 4 years later, they are expecting their first baby at the end of the month. I was so thrilled when Joey asked if I was interested taking on a lifestyle maternity session with them. After a few emails and phone conversations, we decided to head over to Mill Pond Park for a quick portrait session. It was pouring friday night and was partially raining during most of saturday. Thankfully, when we all arrived at the park, the wind was less fierce and the rain was barely noticeable, even had some sun peaking through at times. Here are a few photos from our hiking adventures.

Joey and Harfrey's lifestyle maternity photos
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This past weekend was cold, but I was able to observe a lot of warmth in Carman and Trung’s family. Tyson was born in late November of 2009 and by now, he’s over one month old! Here’s a sneak peek of a few of my favourite photos from the day.

Location: Stoufville, ON

Mom and Dad playing with the newly born, Tyson

Mom and Dad playing with the newly born, Tyson

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Before I even start this post, I wish everyone had a great Christmas break and wishing everyone have a Happy New Year!

I’ve known Harratt’s parents half my life and they were probably the third couple I shot a bridal session for and a wedding session for. All those were done with my Nikon FE 9 yeas ago. Fast forward to Harratt, let me being to introduce him as my god son. Harratt was born in Scarborough General Hospital 2 years ago on Victoria’s day and I was the third person in the world to holding him after he was born. As much as I love taking photos, this session is really the only second time I took for him since the first day he was released from the hospital.

Two and a half years since that day, I can conclude that Harratt has grown quite some what, being very energetic, running all over the place all the time. When he is not moving, he is on “his” Apple iPhone 3GS playing games. The crazy thing is, he seems to know what he’s doing and I probably don’t!

This photo session was held in an empty apartment with all the room for him to run around. This was quite a challenging task as he never stood still for any photos. It really reminded of my wedding work when I’m running around to chase down moments, emotion and angles. This was quite an easy setup, one speedlite on a shoot through umbrella on the left and another speedlite bouncing off a silver reflector on the right. Of course, the reflector I had seemed to stir up some funny topic to be better off remained in the silence.

Here’s a few of my favourite images from this session

Photo session with an energetic kid

Natural High

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