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The little one's portrait

It’s always nice to see and witness the growth of the little ones. Today I was honoured to be part of the job and document the second birthday of little Abby. Unlike last year when it was raining, the weather was quite pleasant except it was on the cold side. Once we entered the door, we were greeted by this little princess dressed in a purple dress saying “Uncle Chris”. After lunch and cake cutting festivities, we had a mini portrait session. Read more…

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Baby Carsten on SofaBack in September of 2010, I was honoured to have shot long time friends Joey and Harfrey’s maternity session. Shortly after that session, Joey welcomed little Carsten to the world. Babies grow really fast! I mean, REALLY fast! It’s only been 3 months since I’ve last seen baby Carsten and he grew up quite a bit. I remember the first time I’ve met him, he slept through our first encounter. It was at my wedding banquet, and despite all the loud noise of celebration and people walking around, he slept silently and peacefully in his stroller. Since Baby Carsten’s grandmother and grandfather flew all the way from Hong Kong to visit their little grandson, we had a quick mini family photo session and here are some of my favourites from the night. Read more…

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It’s pretty interesting, I’ve known Abby’s parents for quite sometime now, well, over 2 decades and a couple of years ago, Abby’s parents were one of the first weddings I shot with a digital SLR. Abby was born last year as a healthy baby girl with all the love she can ever get from her loving parents and relatives. November of last year was the first time I had the privilege to photograph a portrait session I took for her. (See post here)

Last week was Abby’s first birthday and what better way to celebrate it with a birthday party with lots of friends and family and a very pretty birthday cake? As always, she lit up in front of my camera. Here are some photos from the day.

Baby Shoes

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