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What an amazing day. It just seems like yesterday when I first officially met Cola and Gary. One summer night at their condo’s lobby, we chatted for an hour or so, and apparently they first spotted me through a couple whom I’ve shot a few years back. To say the least, this past year was just full of fun and anxiety for everyone, our engagement shots were done, Avant Documentary Photography’s first ever love story was done. Long story short, Kevin and I first started off at Novotel documenting the guys and shortly moved into their condo where Cola was getting ready. Everyone was pumped and getting all ready for the big day. After the bride pickup and games were played, we headed to the Knox College at University of Toronto for the wedding ceremony and tea ceremony. Fittingly, this is where they first met and fell in love. It only makes sense that this is the place where they exchanged their vows to each other as they enter another journey together.
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After our engagement shoot back in early June, I was fortunately enough to have spent some time at Cola and Gary’s before their wedding rehearsal yesterday. The drive to downtown was somewhat crazy as I was stuck in traffic for almost two hours, but once I arrived, it was pleasant to see the whole wedding party and the staff at Knox College making sure the wedding runs smooth.
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Maybe Refuge

A while ago, my buds Maybe Refuge were working very hard on their up coming EP. As a matter of fact, they just received shipment of the whole batch of printed/packaged EPs. In the near future, they will be hosting a EP release party in the GTA and I hope to see everyone of you there.
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Bride and Groom's Portrait at a factory

A few months ago, I received a whatsapp text, not even a good ol’ SMS or an email, from my good friend Rocky Choi asking me if I was available to second shoot for him for Simat and JT’s wedding. I was very excited about it since it has been a while since I have attended any Indian celebrations. From memories, it was very vibrant and everything looks extravagant. Fast forward, the wedding day came and it was quite an experience. Simat + JT are one of the most kind hearted couples I’ve had the privilege to photograph for. I started off the day with Simat and her family, then headed to an intimate Sikh wedding. followed by a photoshoot before a prestigious night of performances and fun at the banquet.
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Bride and Groom at Mill Pond Park

Interestingly I have just met Sophia and Adrian just weeks before their own wedding. As it turns out, Sophia was in Monica and Roger‘s wedding party and has been monitoring me closely from the first second I arrived at Monica’s place.  A month ago, I had a phone conversation with Sophia regarding the wedding and wow, I heard the enthusiasm from her voice. The day started out very warm with myself covering Adrian’s arrival with the groomsmen awaiting for the games. After the tea ceremonies, a very warm Catholic ceremony was held at their church then we headed off to a nearby park for some fun photos. These two were troopers, with the heatwave everyone has been experiencing lately, they toughed it out and in return, we got some amazing photos. One of the coolest thing I really learned about this amazing couple is their affection for each other. Every time I peeked over, they have this smile going on that no others would understand unless you are yourself, deeply in love.
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