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Years ago, two little kids were innocently attending an elementary school and little did they know this very place is where their love journey began. Clare and Rembert were school mates back in the days and it wasn’t until their high school years when they started to grow on to each other. During a recent vacation, he popped the question and she said yes! The session we had was very relaxing where we spent time¬†walking down memory lane¬†with them and their two dogs

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As 2012 comes to an end, we wish everyone a happy and safe holidays.


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Wow, it has been a long journey. Earlier in the year, I’ve decided to give the the company a new look to really reflect on what we’ve been trying to accomplish which is simplicity and elegance. After countless hours of brainstorming, hardwork and lack of sleep, and with my good friend, Hiu Chan of LVXS‘s help, we welcome you to our new look!

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Bride and Groom portrait at McMichael Art Gallery

Back in September, I spent some time with Tracy and James just strolling in the park, walking up and down checking out graffiti walls in downtown Toronto getting some engagement photos made. A year has passed by since she nodded in happiness and said yes in the monumental CN Tower. Just before we knew it, they were happily married in a Catholic ceremony at the Transfiguration Church with family, relatives and their closest friends. Right after the ceremony we were on our way to McMichael Art Gallery for a portrait session. Despite the rain drops and getting a little damp, the whole wedding party was in strong spirits and just keep cracking jokes along. After a few rounds of speeches full of laughter and tears and lot of dancing, the guys finished off the night at Chateau Le Jardin with some nice cigars.

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Dora and Jacky's engagement at Centre Island

We received great compliments when Dora and Jacky’s love story was played during their wedding banquet. Back in May when we were spending time in the Centre Island, we also got to know them even better while filming their interview and just simply witnessing their intimiate interactions. Read more…