Chris| 08 Jun 2011| 1 comment

Cola and Gary's engagement at University of Toronto

Over just a bit more than a month ago, I went on a short trip with my wife to Buffalo. While I was dragged into one of the boutique stores, I bumped into one of my 2011 couples, Cola and Gary. It did not take long before I met these two love birds as we had our engagement session just a few days ago. For this session, we’ve had to postpone a few times due to the rainy weather Toronto has been getting lately. I’m glad we waited because the session was held on a beautiful sunny day.
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Chris| 27 May 2011| 0 comments

Originally back in January we wanted to do a more film like, story driven music video but because of time constraints, this project has been put on hold indefinitely. So back in March during their EP Release Party when Violets & Viruses made their first appearance in almost over of a year at the Hard Luck Bar, I was their official photographer. Little known I also handled the task to make a music video for the Toronto rock band from live footages.
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Chris| 18 May 2011| 2 comments

Joanne and Eric's engagement in Elora

How should I even describe Jo and Eric’s engagement shoot? Amazing? Unique? Exciting? Wet? Fun? Crazy? All of these words just about summarized our experience. A while ago, we decided to shoot in a town called Elora that’s just north west from Toronto and we wanted something very unique. Elora is a very peaceful town and it’s just a great mini get away from the busy metropolis.
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Chris| 15 May 2011| 0 comments

20110506jd001.jpgJenny and Duncan are one of the sweetest couples I’ve met. For the past few months, we’ve been exchanging back and forth ideas on where to shoot the engagement session, and most importantly, the date. With their busy schedule with both work, church and personal life, we settled down on a date and place – The Berkeley Church. For years I’ve looked at photos of the venue and thought this is a really cool place, and finally I had the chance to shoot there myself.

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Chris| 12 May 2011| 1 comment

Bride's portrait at Main St Unionville

“Time flies, I still remember the first time we met in Starbucks last october” – Nigel.

These are the exact words, and indeed, time really went by in a hurry. Our first consultation was over six months ago at a local coffee shop around Danforth and Pape. I still remember us talking about different things wedding related and about our appreciation of classic film photography. Last week I was honoured to document their big day. All we long, we were worried the weather will be all grey with non stop rain as “predicted” by the weather forecast. Thankfully, no one could complain about the warm and sunny weather. It couldn’t have turned out any better.
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