Chris| 14 Aug 2013| 0 comments

What’s a perfect match? I think Janica and Daniel fits that description. Dan is more of a soft spoken person while Jan is highly energetic. Apparently, they were guests at Catherine and Martin‘s wedding and fast forward to 2013, I was photographing their very own wedding. The day was just full of fun from an energetic crow and that made the day especially smooth and fun. Jan even sang a song for Dan during the vows at Grand Baccus. At the banquet, DJ Kaii from Kaii Dreams set the tone with some of his really cool spins.

Below are a few of my favourite photos from the day.

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Chris| 08 Aug 2013| 0 comments

How many people in their 20s can actually say they’ve been together for 10+ years? After popping the question early in the year during a trip, their next journey began. I was lucky enough to have met Clare and Rem since last year and when I received the call, I was just thrilled to catch up. After our two engagement sessions (engagement 1, engagement 2) and a couple of bubble tea sessions, this brought us to the past saturday for their big day.

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