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Susam and Sky's engagement at Evergreen Brickworks

A couple of years ago, Sky was the MC at Caren and Nigel‘s wedding. I remember him saying he’ll give me a call one day. Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I received the long anticipated call from him. Susam, Sky and I met up for a few dinners and drinks and after many laughing around, we went off to shoot their first engagement session. The major idea revolved around walls with textures, and there’s no better place then the Evergreen Brick Works. After many goofing around and having tons of fun, we came out with tons of photos.

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Years ago, two little kids were innocently attending an elementary school and little did they know this very place is where their love journey began. Clare and Rembert were school mates back in the days and it wasn’t until their high school years when they started to grow on to each other. During a recent vacation, he popped the question and she said yes! The session we had was very relaxing where we spent time¬†walking down memory lane¬†with them and their two dogs

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