Chris| 22 Nov 2011| 0 comments

Bride and Groom portrait session at the Old Barber House

What a way to finish the wedding season. With an intimate wedding planned, Naudja and Adam were wedded. It’s been a while since I witnessed a small wedding unfolding before my eyes. The greatest thing about a smaller intimate wedding is the ability to enjoy and only share some of the most precious moment with only the most beloved ones.
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Chris| 15 Nov 2011| 0 comments

One of our many highlights during Joanne and Eric‘s wedding was the first time a love story video filmed by myself and Kevin was showcased in a big screen on a wedding day. Looking back, it has been three months since we have shot this video. Each time Kevin and I reviewed this video, we learn so much more about them as individuals and as a couple.

Chris| 02 Nov 2011| 1 comment

Bride and Groom's Portrait session at Richmond Green

It’s amazing how efficient and nice these two really are. Less than two months since proposal and the wedding was perfect in every way. Of course, thanks to the help and support from great friends and family, their wedding turned out exceptionally enjoyable. One of the coolest things I’ve learned about Ni and Kenny is they’re very casual and funny. Throughout the whole wedding day, I witnessed so much joy and laughter between them, their family and friends. The whole bridal party were also a very fun bunch, from the morning traditional games hosted by the bridesmaids to a series of games that involved the couple and guests hosted by the groomsmen. Their wedding celebration ended with a lot of alcohol and lots of dancing.
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