Chris| 14 Oct 2011| 0 comments

Engagement Session at the Don Valley Brickworks

For a while, we were skeptical about the whether the weather would be cold or rainy. Turns out we couldn’t ask for a better day. I recently got to know Ni and Kenny through one of my good friends and knowing that they recently got engaged and they wanted some special engagement photos, I was up for the challenge. Last sunday, we hit it off at the Don Valley Brickworks. During their shoot, they also brought along their beloved dog. Yogi was very well behaved and friendly. And yes, Yogi attracted many strangers coming up to us wanting to pet him. I had tons of fun spending the afternoon with this energetic and funny couple.
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Chris| 12 Oct 2011| 1 comment


Who would have thought the weather would turn around from freezing to hot in just a week? During this past thanksgiving weekend, Jenny and Duncan enjoyed just that. It has been almost a year since we met and each time I meet them, you can just tell the love these two lovebirds share. Did I leave out how considerate and adventurous they are? They intentionally booked different places for our engagement and portrait sessions known I’ve never been to shot at those places. As a photographer, I’m always excited to be in new environments, looking at different lights and backgrounds.
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Chris| 07 Oct 2011| 0 comments

Rehearsal Photos at St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church
Wow I can’t believe it’s one year since we’v met and tomorrow is the big day. The rehearsal last night went really smooth. Can’t wait!
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Chris| 02 Oct 2011| 3 comments

Bride and Groom portrait at Don Valley Brickworks

All I can say, yesterday’s wedding was perfect in every way.  I’ve known Joanne and Eric for quite a few years now, and it’s definitely the most fun to witness our good friends tying the knot. It’s amazing to witness a rocker bassist turning into a bride. This past year, I’ve gotten to know them much more through our engagement shoot and love story shoot. I learned they are the most sincere, caring people and have an extreme good sense of humour. I’m sure everyone that knows them will never ever have a dull moment with these two. Every time I see them, I learn so much more about them. The wedding also show cased the craftsmanship and artistic side of these two. They designed and made their own bouquet, centre piece, numerous decorations and even a “logo”
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