Chris| 29 Jul 2011| 0 comments

Bride and Groom at Mill Pond Park

Interestingly I have just met Sophia and Adrian just weeks before their own wedding. As it turns out, Sophia was in Monica and Roger‘s wedding party and has been monitoring me closely from the first second I arrived at Monica’s place.  A month ago, I had a phone conversation with Sophia regarding the wedding and wow, I heard the enthusiasm from her voice. The day started out very warm with myself covering Adrian’s arrival with the groomsmen awaiting for the games. After the tea ceremonies, a very warm Catholic ceremony was held at their church then we headed off to a nearby park for some fun photos. These two were troopers, with the heatwave everyone has been experiencing lately, they toughed it out and in return, we got some amazing photos. One of the coolest thing I really learned about this amazing couple is their affection for each other. Every time I peeked over, they have this smile going on that no others would understand unless you are yourself, deeply in love.
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Violets & Viruses at T&T Waterfront Night Market

Having missed Violets & Viruses‘s set from a week ago at Night It Up, I made sure I find time this time to attend their T&T Waterfront Night Market performance.  Parking was not easy and it was a long walk to where the stage was. However, all the so called troubles were worth it when I saw my buds rock the stage.  I couldn’t stay for the whole set but stayed long enough to see the growth of the band.
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Chris| 22 Jul 2011| 1 comment

Bride and Groom portrait at Hilton Suites

Quite a few years ago, Monica and Roger met each other through their Catholic church conference, and since then, they’ve never looked back. The genuine smile and all the emotions shown from the photos pretty much summarizes who Monica and Roger are. They are one of the most friendly, sincere couples I’ve met. With a traditional Catholic ceremony and an awesome DIY bird themed banquet reception, the night ended with many emotional speeches and performances from their dearest friends.
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