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At the start of a year, I received a message from Carmen, the female lead vocalist of the band asking if I would help out by documenting the show. I quickly said yes just from the fact that most of the band are my personal friends. Knowing the fact that Derrick will move back to Hong Kong after the show, it made me even more enthusiastic to capture some of the best moments of his last show in Canada. Fast forward to tuesday night, with much anticipation, the concert happened and everyone enjoyed the whole music journey they were brought along by Parliament Music Group. I arrived at the venue just after 6pm as Joseph “Big Ham” Tsang was briefing everyone on the sequence of the show and to see the intense atmosphere in the change room.
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Cindy and Adrian's wedding portraits

I remember during my annual birthday dinner last year, Adrian and I were chilling a bit after our big feast at Ippai. It was then that he told me his plans on joining the party and getting married. I’ve known Adrian for 4 or 5 years now, we used to go out for dinner and drinks and  I used to photograph many of his band shows and events. He’s been a drummer and vocalist for so many bands and special events that I cannot name them all.
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Brenda and Gary's wedding day

We dodged rain on Brenda and Gary’s engagement session, but could not avoid the rain that happened on their special day. Luckily, the pouring rain didn’t last long enough to ruin the photo session at Main St. After a full morning of cultural festivities such as the traditional tea ceremony and door opening games, we headed to Main St, Unionville for some photos before their intimate wedding ceremony and banquet at Diamond Banquet Hall.
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Cola and Gary's engagement at University of Toronto

Over just a bit more than a month ago, I went on a short trip with my wife to Buffalo. While I was dragged into one of the boutique stores, I bumped into one of my 2011 couples, Cola and Gary. It did not take long before I met these two love birds as we had our engagement session just a few days ago. For this session, we’ve had to postpone a few times due to the rainy weather Toronto has been getting lately. I’m glad we waited because the session was held on a beautiful sunny day.
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