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Now that Violets and Viruses has kicked off to a new start with a new EP, here’s are two BTS videos of what went on during the recording of Awakening and our video promo shoot. As usual, you can see us having a lot of fun.

During the recording session of Awakening

BTS (Behind the Scene) Timelapse of the production of the promo video.



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Violets and Viruses

After almost a year of preparation, from finding a new lead vocalist, to recording, to prepare things for their new EP and band show. Violets and Viruses was reborn last night as a 5 person band. At Hard Luck bar last night, Violets and Viruses held their EP release party, their friends Cretem and Dice both opened for them. With the addition of Tina (Vocalist) and Harry (Guitarist), the band has taken a big step forward into their music journey. Read more…

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The little one's portrait

It’s always nice to see and witness the growth of the little ones. Today I was honoured to be part of the job and document the second birthday of little Abby. Unlike last year when it was raining, the weather was quite pleasant except it was on the cold side. Once we entered the door, we were greeted by this little princess dressed in a purple dress saying “Uncle Chris”. After lunch and cake cutting festivities, we had a mini portrait session. Read more…

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Cherry BeachBefore the wedding season really kicks off, I just drove around this morning and visit new potential spots creating photographs for my up and coming brides and grooms. Each time I do that, I wound up discovering some really nice spots. It’s funny that I’ve lived in Toronto for most of my life but never really managed to get out and visit new places. It’s almost amazing to think whenever you get too comfortable with the places you go to on a daily basis, you never really go out and explore. Read more…

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Baby Carsten on SofaBack in September of 2010, I was honoured to have shot long time friends Joey and Harfrey’s maternity session. Shortly after that session, Joey welcomed little Carsten to the world. Babies grow really fast! I mean, REALLY fast! It’s only been 3 months since I’ve last seen baby Carsten and he grew up quite a bit. I remember the first time I’ve met him, he slept through our first encounter. It was at my wedding banquet, and despite all the loud noise of celebration and people walking around, he slept silently and peacefully in his stroller. Since Baby Carsten’s grandmother and grandfather flew all the way from Hong Kong to visit their little grandson, we had a quick mini family photo session and here are some of my favourites from the night. Read more…