Chris| 28 Jan 2011| 0 comments

2010 is the past, but looking back, I ask myself, What did 2010 had to offer?

– An amazing chance to share the happiness of all the weddings I’ve been involved in.
– Meeting new couples and all the friends I’ve made
– Learning about different cultures
– Learning more and more what I like and love – photography.
– The chance to trying various new things such as food photography and more experimental photography.

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Chris| 22 Jan 2011| 0 comments

Happy New Year everyone. I realize it has been a while since my last post. Just to quickly update everyone, I’ve been busy meeting new couples and of course, shovelling snow and of course, making my wife comfortable in this cold weather :)

It’s January of 2011 and it’s a new month of this new year, I have decided to make a major change to my website. Instead of having the flash sites you have seen over the past years, I have decided to amalgamate my flash site and my blog into one. Think of this as my brides and grooms join together and continue their future journey as one. The goal of this decision is to have all content in an area where it is much easier for my couples to check out my work and find related information instead of jumping from site to site.
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