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It’s pretty amazing how people meet each other. Some people meet their friends through school, work, at a bar, or other sort of social events. Perhaps for me, it would be easier as I meet all sort of nice people, unique people, and especially fun couples through photography. I met Hannah and Albert last year and I’m sure glad I did. Last sunday afternoon, we had a pretty sunny engagement session. Originally we wanted to perform the engagement shoot in downtown Toronto. Yet again, because of the G20 summit, we had to change places at the last minute. Nonetheless, we walked thorough many streets and explored a totally new area around Yonge and Major Mackenzie, finding all sort of interesting places to take some photos, chill and chat for a bit. One of most peculiar places we came across was a park, named Ransom Park!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day.

Hannah and Albert Engagement Photos in Richmond Hill, Ransom Park
From Ransom Park!
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Last saturday, I had a very fun time photographing Gigi and Mike’s engagement session. We all had a good time laughing throughout the shoot, sometimes none of us can stop giggling. Previously, Gigi and Mike did a bridal session so we wanted to do something a little different, something romantic but more edgy and modern at the same time and the play with more multiple exposures. Originally we wanted to perform the engagement shoot in the downtown Toronto area but that plan back fired when most of the area were pretty much barricaded. Nonetheless, we made some last minute changes to the location and wounded up in some really nice but weird areas in Markham. Namely, the back of First Markham Place and another street nearby.

Special thanks to my assistant, Billy for helping me throughout the night with lighting and setup.Here are a few of my favourites from the night.

Gigi and Mike's Engagement Session at the back of First Markham Place
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2 weeks ago, we had beautiful weather and a lovely couple. As a result, I had a great time shooting some beautiful engagement photos for Kay and Wayne as seen from a previous post. Here’s a fusion slideshow with more photos and video clips from our photo session.

Location: Kensington Market
Location: Willow Creek Park

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Here’s a quick video of our photoshoot last week of Benny and Cedric in air soft outfit. The time lapse video was captured on my old Canon 5D at 15sec per shot from pretty much setup to tear down.

20100605 Benny and Cedric’s photo shoot in timelapse. from Chris Pun on Vimeo.

Click into Vimeo to watch the HD version.

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It’s not often that I have a chance to take different photos, and on June 5th, I had the chance to do that. After a morning engagement session, we started shooting the war game themed photos at night. Big thanks to Henry for assisting with the shoot and big thanks to Hi Tech to lend out their garage for this photo shoot. Benny has been obsessed with his new found love, war game and he went out and bought a lot of gear for the game. Instead of just using it for the game, we decided to do some army, war game themed based photo session for the equipment.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.

Army, War game based modelling photos - Benny
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