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I’ve been playing a lot with my 46″ Umbrella (both reflective and shoot thru), 24″ x 24″ softboxes a lot, and after a lot of reading, I was really inspired by the the one and only Todd Owyoung’s approach in building his own beauty dish. Anyway, two weeks ago, I started going to dollar stores and hardware stores and look for the right parts and had my good friend Kevin from Violets and Viruses to help me build this beast.

Like Todd, I own the EzySoft softbox so I just used the Lastolite’s hotshoe mount to make my life easier. I bought 3 more screw nuts so I can easily remove and reinsert the mount.

Here are some photos of the beauty dish during construction

During construction of the DIY Beauty Dish

During construction of the DIY Beauty Dish

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On a Toronto saturday with breaks of sunshine and rain, my friend’s Maybe Refuge played another show at Aspetta Caffe at the Kensington Market. This time, they played in the middle of the afternoon for a very good cause, to be a part of the fundraiser for World Wildlife Foundation.

Yesterday, Kevin Mok from Violets and Viruses filled in for as a guest drummer/percussionist for this occasion. If any drummers are interested, Maybe Refuge are currently looking for a dedicated drummer.

Enough words, on to a few photos.

Joey, Lead Vocalist and Guitars, Maybe Refuge, Toronto Indies Band
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I rarely do any review of any sort of equipment and I’m not sponsored by any. However, people who have known me knows I’ve been searching for the “perfect” camera bag or equipment bag for the past few years. I’ve used traditional camera bags and belt systems from different manufacturers. At a certain time, I’ve also considered designing my own bag and get it tailor made. That is, until I found the shootsac. Shootsac is designed by the famous Jessica Claire.

Last weekend’s engagement was the first time I’ve actually used my shootsac while on a job and honestly, I love it. Usually after any length of shoots, my shoulder feels sore and tired from carrying my extra lenses, flash and accessories. However, the material from this bag is very soft and light, and the best part is, it’s not bulky at all. During the 3 hours of shooting, I honestly forgot I was carrying equipment with me on my shoulder. Of course, this is not a traditional camera bag and it is not going to change the way you transport or store your equipment for any certain job. With that said, there were times when I placed my camera (without the vertical grip) and two lenses and walked along.

I highly recommend this bag if you have the same criteria as I do,
1. Easy on shoulder
2. Not bulky
3. Look good!
4. Easy access to your equipment (Shootsac has a total of 6 pouches, the 3 at the front are meant for lenses/flash, and the back 3 are meant for accessories – perfect for batteries, and my Pocket Wizards)



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Here’s a first attempt of a fusion slideshow for Alice & Carl from our engagement session a few days ago.

Click on the Vimeo sign at the lower right hand corner for the HD version.

Click for more engagement photos from the session!

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Ever since the last wedding I shot back in November, I’ve been busy with my other photography experiments, babies and portraits photography, food photography, and of course music photography to say the least. I’m just blessed and happy to get back into the engagement/wedding photography.

I met Alice and Carl a couple of months ago and thought they were a really cool couple. After months of organizing and communicating, we decided to shoot their engagement photos on the first weekend of April, just one month before their wedding. The most pleasant surprise was the weather, a very non typical Toronto April weather which we saw as high as 28 degree. We took the afternoon and just had a coffee and walked around in the northern end of North York and took some very nice photos also with their dog, Porsche. Needless to say, with their charm, their engagement photos turned out great. I’m very excited about shooting their wedding in less than a month away.

Here are a few photos from the session.

Alice & Carl's engagement photos at Bayview Village Park

Alice & Carl's engagement photos at Bayview Village Park

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